Building relationships

Networking & Building Relationships

How to build and maintain relationships?

  • I know networking is important, but I don’t like it.
  • I don’t know how to network in an appropiate and adequate  way.
  • Thinking that I need to network gives me stress.
  • How can I approach someone from a different culture or with a higher status?

We can have all kinds of personal barriers in networking, in approaching people you don’t know (yet). It can be difficult when you look up to someone, who is succesfull in business or well known and influential in their field.
But having a good network is very important; for your career, for future collaborations and for sharing knowledge. Especially when you’re an entrepeneur, a manager, or a researcher in the Academic world, you’ll need a large national or global network.

Vocaluse developed a practical and effective workshop in Networking & Building relationships.  You will learn the basics of building and maintaining longterm professional relationships. You’ll get a lot of practical tips and exercises in what networking is about, what is important to do or not to do, and how to be relaxed and stay authentic.
During the workshop you will practice with and reflect on all kind of network situations: How can I approach someone unknown at a conference? How can I intrude politely at a seminar? How to communicatie with different cultures? How to behave; what are their customs f.e. with eye-contact or handshaking?
The coach will give you feedback on your personal presentation; on your bodylanguage, on your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

In network situations it’s  important to know how to pitch. To say the right words, in a proper way, in a short moment of time.
Vocaluse will teach you what a good Elevator pitch means. You will make your own personal pitch according to your own style, field and goal. You will learn how to adjust your pitch according to your discussion partner and find a Mutual interest.

Storytelling can also be used as an introduction of yourself. Storytelling can be useful and appealing in network situations, during your presentation and in a regular conversation.

Important in every communication is: stay connected, be focussed and be aware of a good balance in giving and receiving.