Presentation skills for academics


During your academic career you need to perform a lot of times. In all those presentations you want to sound convincing,  clear, trustworthy and enthusiastic. How do you do that?

At the university, as a student, teacher, doctor or researcher, you’ll have to give a lot of presentations during your career, with various goals and to many different audiences. Over all you want your audience – the board, the professors, your supervisor, colleagues and also family – to listen to you, to understand you, believe (in) you, and maybe even invest in you.

With scientific  presentations often there is a lot at stake.

  • You have to present and defend your Thesis for your graduation, or for your promotion.
  • You applied for a new job and you want to be well prepared.
  • You have to present your Research Proposal to a committee in order to get a grant (like Veni, Vidi, Vici grant, ERC Starting Grant, NWO, Zon Mw or Off road application). You want the committee members to believe in you and convince them about the importance of your research project  (what, why, how, innovative, why you and impact).

In a training or in a personal coaching session at Vocaluse you can practice your presentation skills. You’ll get personal feedback and suitable tips and excercises, as well on your voice, speech and bodylanguage, as on the structure, the use of PowerPoint slides and the style and impact of your story. You will learn all the presentation skills you’ll need to perform well and be able to convince your audience.

After a training or coaching session by Vocaluse your presentation will be clear, inspiring and well structured. In your performance you will come across confident, strong, reliable  and relaxed.